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Book Review: Bridge of Dreams by Anne Bishop

Blurb from GoodReads:

When wizards threaten Glorianna Belladonna and her work to keep Ephemera balanced, her brother Lee sacrifices himself in order to save her-and ends up an asylum inmate in the city of Vision.

But a darkness is spreading through Vision, perplexing the Shamans who protect it. And Lee is the only one who can shed any light on its mysteries…

I enjoyed Bridge of Dreams. I have to say I am not sure I could have understood Bridge of Dreams if I hadn’t read the previous Ephemera books. Also, I am a big fan of Anne Bishop and I’d been looking forward to Bridge of Dreams for a long time before it came it out. IMHO, it ended too soon.

So. In last book, Belladonna, lost a bit of herself. In the aftermath of the last book, she changed. Our hero, Lee, isn’t comfy with those changes. Also, he’s not comfy with her SO.

The world-building, as always, is fantastic. Her world-building is one the reasons why I love Anne Bishop and she doesn’t disappoint in this book. Some of it takes a little getting used to. I mean, the idea of a three-in-one-person is a little weird? And the notion they all different lovers, also three-in-one? I think it can probably get a little confusing.

I suppose that’s one of the things I dislike – at the end, the guy ends with one of the three-in-one-person and how does that work? It never explains. I don’t want the nitty-gritty details, but I want something more.

Anyway. The things I really liked – the world, the characters. I really loved the first scene from the POV from the three-in-one-person. It was strange and wonderful and really odd, too. All three of them are different. And then, at the end, it became a lot more clear just what they all need. It was really cool to read.

But the ending. Thing is, it didn’t feel like a real ending. It felt like there could be more, a lot more. Not just one character, either, but quite a few of them. The story needs to continue! I need closure.