Signed Kindle Cover

At the BEA, I saw people getting their kindles signed. That is to say, they held out their kindle cover and asked the author to sign them. Some people had oodles of signatures on their kindle cover, kind of like some people get a cast signed by everyone they know.

It’s strange. I mean, it’s good they can get the autographs they want and not have to clutter up their home with physical books. The clutterless-ness of eBooks is one of the reasons why I like them.

But still. It never occurred to me bring my kindle cover to be signed. I mean, really, the thought only appeared in my head as a passing fancy. Because I can’t truly believe signature on a kindle cover is a real autograph. My mind shies away from the thought.

This shows me that my conversion to ebooks isn’t as complete as I thought it was. In truth, I don’t want to convert more wholly to ebooks than I have already. Which feels like an odd thought – I thought I wanted to convert 100% to ebooks. But no. 90% is good enough for me.

Also, while searching online for a picture of a signed kindle cover, I discovered an actual kindle whose back was covered by autographs. It boggles my mind.

I especially like the one that looks like a devil, right next to Joe Hill.

12 thoughts on “Signed Kindle Cover

  1. That’s pretty insane. I would want to sign it just because there are already so many on there. I am a book hoarder and prefer the old-timey books to my nook because I’m one of those stupid people who actually enjoys turning a page and smelling the book, but you’re right this signing does open a few more questions about ebooks and their uses.

  2. The one thing I regret about having my first novella published as digital only is there hasn’t been anything to sign for my friends and family. My dad actually printed out the front cover so I could sign it for him!

  3. I have a Nook Color and going to the Daemon Invasion signing with Jennifer Armentrout tomorrow and I was thinking of getting my cover signed as well. LOL. I think it’s a great idea.

  4. I’m not one who goes out of my way to get books signed. Therefore, I don’t think my preference not to get my Kindle signed is relevant. However, I heard one author talking about an application they had designed to allow them to electronically sign an e-book. This sounds very interesting to me. See: link.

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