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BookExpo America, Day Three, More Books

So, today was the second day of book signings at the BookExpo!

I only got one book signed and not one I had planned on, either.

Killing Moon signed by Jemisin!

It’s The Killing Moon by N. K. Jemisin. She was very nice.

I didn’t even know she was going to be there or she would have been on my list for sure. I must have missed her name on the author signings list on the BEA website. I got lucky because she ran out of books moments after I got there. Yes!!!!!!! Lucky!

I think Rachel Ray must have been there, too, because some people came up and asked, is this the line for Rachel Ray? I didn’t see her, but she has such a perky personality, I don’t know how I missed her. Not that I wanted a cookbook.

Also, I got a bunch of gay romances. They are heavier than they look. The binding must be quite good. They were just lying on the floor and I picked them up. They are all authors I enjoy, so again, lucky!!!!!

Today’s Loot

This pic is silent testament to the sheer number of gay romances I enjoy. I’ve read all of these authors.

I wanted to get to John Scalzi‘s signing Redshirts today, but that couldn’t happen. I am not too disappointed.


5 thoughts on “BookExpo America, Day Three, More Books

  1. Someone just ditched a bunch of gay romances on the floor of the convention? That seems… really weird.

    Man, I wish I could meet and high-five Nora Jemisin.

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