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No Teaser Tuesdays

Today for the first time in months I didn’t do a teaser Tuesday. Teaser Tuesday is a weekly meme where you post two random lines from whatever you are currently doing. I have been doing it for nearly as long I have been clogging – a year and a half now.

I liked it because:

1) it offers a quick glismp into what the rest of the world is reading.

2) it lets me share my own current read.

I read about a book a week, so it works out well.

A lot of people don’t like because some people leave comments that are so generic it’s almost like they didn’t read your post as well. It’s like they copied and pasted the same damn thing in a couple dozen blogs.

That’s a valid enough complaint, but IMHO, my two reason are reason enough to ignore them. Besides, lots of people really do read the teasers.

But to actually participate requires more than writing a post and linking back from the Should Be Reading website. You have to comment on others’ posts as well.

It’s too much work now. I can’t do it. I want to – I think it really is a handy way to get an idea of what people are really
reading – but right now there is no way.

Maybe I will still do a “What I am reading” post. I don’t know right now. Something reading related, I just don’t know what.