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Why Not to Use Pen And Paper to Write

Last fall, I dedicated a single subject spiral bound notebook to my flash fiction.

It is presently lost. I imagine it will turn up somewhere. Probably months from now, when I remember nothing about the half-finished flash fiction in it.

That’s the way it always happens. I don’t know how many notebooks I’ve lost track of. Oh, they usually turn up again, but by the time I find it again, I’ve lost hope and started another notebook for fiction. I’ve had marble notebooks, spiral notebooks, those little folders that you can turn into notebooks by slipping loose leaf paper into fasteners/prongs/whatever the are called.

I’ve lost lots. I don’t even know how many. IMO, this is the single best argument for not writing with pen/paper.

(Aside from the fact I dislike transcribing everything to a word file. Feels like duplicate work.)

I’ve never lost a flash drive or any other file on my computer. Even if I forget where it’s saved – never happened! – a computer search is easier than searching every nook and cranny in the house.

But sometimes you just need a pen in your hand, you know? Sometimes it works better than a keyboard. I wish that wasn’t so. I am just grateful I am not often inspired to write with pen and paper.

But if I don’t find the damn notebook soon, I am never getting a notebook for fiction ever again. Never!!!!