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Friday Flash: To Survival

This piece is inspired by this picture from the wiki commons.

He looked over his shoulder for the last time. The white-washed building had been home for ten years. It lacked earthly pleasures, but there was more peace inside it than any palace.

He might be back, but never as a monk. The king, perhaps. If he was lucky enough to survive his coronation.

He took a deep breath, looked ahead, straightened the gold tassels on his sleeves and squeezed his calves gently to move the horse forward.

His guard fell in around him, a glittering force in sable uniforms and crimson trim.

He sent up a silent prayer for survival.


9 thoughts on “Friday Flash: To Survival

  1. It’s the same all over: stay inside where it’s safe because once you step outside, all heck breaks loose. Especially if you’re to be king.

  2. Or as we used to say when we were kids: “This one’s for all the marbles.” In other words, victory or death! Onward!

    Loved this peek into the mind of someone who’s risking everything to gain everything.

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