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G is for Get Moving

Thanks for the Helen for the post title! LOL

So I chose Get Moving as the title post because that’s what I need to do. Not all for the writing, but for this blog as well. I really ought to have written this post this morning or even yesterday and just scheduled it.

So . . . I have submitted just 1 story this year so far and it’s already April. Really, I should have submitted at least 2 or 3 others already. I haven’t. I am trying to submit 1 new story per month and I’ve only managed January so far. I can submit it elsewhere, but that hardly counts. It is only 1 story.

I couldn’t submit in February and March, well, I had other stuff going on and then I was focused on the novel work in progress. Which is finished. That last push was useful.

The next few weeks I am going to focus on writing a handful of short stories. I can do that, since the WiP is done and I need a break from novel-writing anyway. I have had one in the works for weeks (weeks! weeks!) now and I really need to Get Moving on that.

Plus, figuring out ideas for a couple more stories and finding magazines to submit to. I mean, the stories won’t write or submit themselves. I want to meet my New Year’s Goal of publishing a few stories this year and at this rate I am not going to.

What do you need to Get Moving on?


21 thoughts on “G is for Get Moving

  1. School work. Making decisions for life after college. GOING TO THE GYM!!! I need to literally get moving xD

  2. Hi Sophia, thanks for the link to my short story. I followed the pingback to here.

    Like you, I need to get moving on writing and submitting short stories. Not sure I can stick to it, but one a month sounds like a good goal. I also need to get moving on finishing planning my novel and starting the actual writing.

  3. I had this sort of realisation last week. I realised that in order to achieve what I want, I have to actually sit down and do it, and I couldn’t afford to give up on it simply because life got a little tough.

    I think we share the same goals for this year. I’m focusing a lot more on short stories and entering writing competitions. Hopefully I can build up both my publishing credits and my writing skills. But like you said, none of it is ever going to happen if I don’t get up and get a move on!

  4. Many things I need to get moving on and I will probably have to let go of some things I’m doing now in order to get moving.

    An A to Z Co-Host
    Tossing It Out

  5. Learning Java, programming games, editing/finishing the first draft of a novel I started writing (NaNo last year), writing something decent for my blog, editing videos for my YouTube channel, making more videos, signing up for scholarships, signing up for college, practising DJing, making more music, making decent music instead of crap, reading those books on my todo list, cleaning and organizing EVERYTHING… Wow.. that’s a lot. I AM INSANE because I try to do SO MUCH stuff. O.O

    *is lazy*

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