E is for eBooks

Ebooks. I read lots of ebooks. Lots and lots.

I saw this news report on ABC (yes, saw. found this written version afterward) where they said people with an eBook reader or tablet (you can get eBook reader apps on most tablets) are likely to read more than people without an eBook reader or tablet. It says eBook readers read 24 books a year as opposed to 15 books a year from non-eBook readers.

I am thinking, if you dislike reading, you are not going to own an eReader or eReader apps on your tablet. I mean, if you don’t like reading, why would you get a kindle app on your tablet? Newspapers and magazines are one thing, whole books are something else.

Even so, there is a lot of difference between 24 and 15 books. 😉 I think probably that’s because you can 1) download books without leaving the comfort of your bed and 2) eReaders aren’t as heavy as hardcovers so they are easier to carry and take up less space, too.

Even before I got my kindle, I usually didn’t buy hardcovers; paperbacks are lighter, cheaper and take up less space. The fit easily in my bag.

This article also says e-book users are more likely to buy than borrow. This, in spite of piracy and DRM and all that. LOL Because book sales are supposed to be down and if ebooks weren’t around, would sales be even more down? Just made me wonder is all.

12 thoughts on “E is for eBooks

  1. I still like real books even though I also like my Kindle. But I feel like a traitor to the real thing because I’ve only bought 2 real books since I bought the Kindle and I’ve downloaded dozens (very few free, mostly paid).

  2. Interesting post Sonia. I don’t have a Kindle, but I share an i pad with my husband. I do find the i pad somewhat heavy though to hold. But I read on it, although I am still fond of real books, mainly buy paperbacks, only hard backs when it’s something special.

    1. I think the kindle weighs the same as a paperback. I don’t have an iPad but I’ve played with other peoples and it is a lot heaver. Maybe too heavy to curl up with. I used to buy mostly paperbacks, too. LOL

  3. I’ve got 200 books in my Kindle, and counting. E-books are certainly convenient, but when I *really* want a book, I still go for a print copy. Nothing beats flipping paper pages through your fingers and the musty smell of a yellowed book passed down from mother to daughter.

    J.C. Martin
    A to Z Blogger

    1. Okay, I don’t actually like the musty smell. LOL I am glad ebooks don’t have them.

      It’s been a long time since I read a physical book and last time I tried, I thought the font was too small. I keep the kindle at a mid-sized font, anything else seems too small now. It’s strange because months ago I read books in that size font and thought nothing of it.

  4. That’s so true – the extra books comes from the ease in which you can read, and also the extra time you can read in ! (Since you can read in bed or on a commute, even if you forgot to go to the library that week)

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