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Friday Flash: Sons

My first Friday flash in weeks. Weeks and weeks and weeks. 😉

“He said he’s not my father. He denied it in front of everyone!”

“He’s denied it for years. You can’t run off like a child because -”

“He doesn’t want me! I don’t want him either. I’m leaving. If he decides he wants a son instead of a – a minion he can come find me.”

“Son -”

“You’re not my father!”

“No, but I do care for you. He loves you as well. He just -”

“- is too ashamed of me to call me son?”

“I am certain he is very proud of you.”

“Like hell. Tell him goodbye.”

46 thoughts on “Friday Flash: Sons

  1. Welcome back, Sonia! I read this through multiple times, which only happens when a flash sucks me in and demands that I contemplate it further. Nice work in an all dialogue piece.

      1. LOL, no problem in not using the prompt or when the prompt causes a response that seems to have nothing to do with it…which does happen to me from time to time 😉

  2. Wow so much emotion in such few words. It sounds like there are a lot of issues and emotional turmoil in this family – would love to read more

  3. I feel the hurt in that boy, but also in the other adult trying to love him. Glad to see you back in the flashing circles Sonia, and I like the new look of your header. It’s been a while since I’ve been here…so it might not be so new anymore. But I like the look of Sanskrit in the lettering.

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