The Hunger Games Movie

I liked the movie version of The Hunger Games. They do a pretty good job of following the book.

They toned down the violence, but if the movie had same level of violence as in the books, the movie would have ended up with an R rating. It’s a little strange. The book is for young adults, but if they hadn’t toned down the violence, the young adults wouldn’t have been able to see the movie. In the theaters anyway. 😉 They can read it, they just can’t watch it. It strikes me as bizarre.

The movie left out stuff, of course. But movies can’t ever be as detailed as the book. I am not upset about that.

But I do wonder if people who haven’t read the book will get the movie. I mean, there are so many things it doesn’t explain. It implies, yeah, and the characters say things in passing. But if you miss a line or two, there are lots of minor details you won’t get.

Like when Katniss tells her sister not to put in extra slips with her name because the extra food isn’t worth it. Would you get the characters can put in extra slips with their names, as many extra slips as they have family? And that the slips are cumulative? I am not sure I would.

It’s little stuff like that. Most people probably still understood the story, but still.

It was fun watching though. I liked the parade scene when both their costumes are on fire. 😉 And the interview one where her dress ignites. She isn’t in public when Peeta announces he has a crush on her, but still. Not bad. 😉

I liked the scene where the tributes first break out. Everything is chaos and violent and bloody. There isn’t a lot of blood afterward, but that was a good scene.

And the scene where Rue dies? Fantastic. I had tears in my eyes.

One the last scenes, when the other tribute has Peeta in a headlock, Cato does this short monologue about how he’s already dead. I don’t remember that from the book, but it was pretty touching. In that moment he was a lot more sympathetic than I remember from the book.

On the train ride home, Katniss says she wants to forget what happened. It implies she faked/exaggerated her feelings for Peeta. Which she did, but the movie doesn’t state that explicitly. That kind of disappointed me.

Also, I wish Haymitch had looked like a drunk in the movie. He sobered up fast. LOL