Separating POV Character and Protagonist

There is a story I haven’t written yet. It is in my thoughts, in my dreams, but I am not going to start on it until the current WiP is done.

Anyway I can’t start on it until I do more prewriting work. I’ve written a few back story type short stories and flash fiction so far, but I need more. More about the characters, more about the various places in the world, stuff like that. An actual plot might help, too. LOL

When the first character appeared in my head, I thought he was the main character. Having written a few short stories about him, I think maybe he’s not a good choice for the POV character. He could still be the protagonist. I am not sure. But I prefer my POV character and main character to be one and the same.

I am thinking now the POV character is going to be a boy, the guy’s nephew. Out of half a dozen short stories, the kid has only shown up in one of them. It’s odd.

The uncle, the first character that appeared in my head for this story, has problems that would make telling this story more difficult. The boy doesn’t; I can show things through his eyes I can’t show through the uncle.

It’s just that I am not sure if I want to separate the POV character and protagonist like this. I have never done it before.