Movie Review: Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu

Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu is a movie about a young, recently laid off archaic and a hairstylist. They go out and get so drunk, they manage to get married.

It’s in Las Vegas . . . so, yeah. The wedding chapel even has a Elvis Presley lookalike. 😉

It’s a romantic comedy and there are some funny parts. The funniest part is probably when she encourages him to contact an ex. He ends up in the restaurant bathroom, with her, too uptight to go through with sex with her there, and ends up spraying her with water. He comes out all wet. It was funny.

But I don’t understand the story. I mean, if you ask me what happens, I am not sure I can tell you.

The guy, Rahul, is doesn’t tell his parents he lost his job. He feels like the first failure in the family. He doesn’t tell his parents anything, what they do that irritates him, stuff like that.

The girl helps with that. Okay, yeah, he blows up at his parents during a business dinner and he should have found another way to tell them. But still. He is freer after she comes into his life. He becomes happier with his life.

The girl on the other-hand – she doesn’t change at all. From beginning to end, she is the same girl. She is a quirky hair-stylist, fun-loving, cute, charming. She doesn’t realize the guy’s falling for her, but that’s part of her charm. She is also someone who goes out on the town even when she can’t pay her own rent.

And the ending – I don’t get the ending at all. It is open-ended. They don’t marry, they don’t separate, they just go on being friends. The guy does it in the hope that one day she will see the light and fall in the love with him. The girl? I don’t know.

This movie needs a part two. I usually like open endings, but not in romances.

This ending just wasn’t satisfying. I didn’t like it. If it had been better, the movie would have been okay. Maybe not worth seeing at the movie theater but not bad.

(I like action movies for that. Action movies look really good on a big screen.)

With this ending, I can’t really tell someone they need to see it.

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