On Not Writing For A Month

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Don’t how it is for other people, but for me, if I don’t write for a while, writing becomes harder and harder to do.

It’s happened before; I go months without writing anything. I tell myself I will do it during summer vacation or next month when I have more time. But it doesn’t happen. Before I know it, the whole year is gone and I have only managed to write a few dozen pages. Not even one whole story.

It’s been a while since that happened. In fact, it hasn’t happened since before I started this blog and for that I am grateful. I think that’s a side effect of having this blog, one I didn’t expect.

I need to write often for it; I write friday flash most weeks; I see what other people are

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writing. It’s all very inspiring and helps me to keep working on the WiP. Even when I don’t feel like working on the WiP, it’s easier to force myself write at least a little these days. I think when I work on other pieces, on longer pieces to submit to magazines, all that helps to keep the juices flowing as far the WiP goes.

But still, still I know if I don’t write for a while it will very difficult to start writing again at the end of the month. There is a chance I might not be able to write a damn thing for the next few weeks. It worries me.

There is a good chance I might not get a chance to read anything either, but that doesn’t worry me. I know what the saying is: if you don’t have time to read, you don’t have to write. But sometimes you can’t do both and have to pick one or the other. Reading is easier, of course, in a lot of ways. đŸ˜‰

Writing is hard if I am exhausted or lack focus or if I just don’t have a quiet space to work in.

Even if the muse goes on vacation after a couple weeks of not writing, he will come back (yes, my muse is male). I have no doubts about that, but he might take months to come back to me. It’s worrying. 


14 thoughts on “On Not Writing For A Month

  1. I don’t think I could go a whole month without writing at all. Not unless a really bad thing had happened to me. Even if all I did was keep a journal, I’d have to write something. However lots of time passes when I don’t have time to read. Only just recently have I been getting time to read again, and even then it’s only bits and pieces, not whole novels at a time.

    1. I understand! I am hoping I will be able to, but I really don’t know. And, hey, reading is fun. You need to make more time for it!

  2. I know the feeling on this. I haven’t been writing nearly as much as I ought to be for a number of reasons, so when the free time DOES become available, I end up frustrated the words aren’t coming the way I want them to.

  3. Thank you for beings honest, it seems feel like no one has a particular problem, seeing that someone else does have the same problem makes it feel a little less daunting.

    Ugh, reminds me of studying for GCSE didn’t write for several months. The lack of writing pulled my mood down as well as the stress and fear of failure. If I had go through that again I’d try to write at least 10 mins just for my sanity.

  4. I know how this goes. I travel more frequently than I’d like (from Sept. 2011-Jan 2012 it was at least a week each month in more often 2 1/2 weeks). I finally got into the swing and in January got a half-hour writing most days while traveling. I still had some fallow days when I returned but I was still writing and quicker than the other trips I’m at my normal productivity. Good luck with your writing!

  5. I used to go month(s) without writing but don’t do that anymore. I’ve gotten into the habit of writing at least a little bit no matter what is going on. If it’s not WIP, it’ll at least be a couple of posts on the blog or flash fiction, or something.
    But I know exactly what you mean when you say that being exhausted doesn’t help with staying focused on writing. It’s very hard to be creative when all you’re drained of energy and all you want is to get through the day and fall into bed. The good news is that if you force yourself to write even a little bit, you instantly feel somehow happier and more energized – at least that’s what I found.
    Good luck with your writing!

  6. it does get difficult because if you don’t write one day because you couldn’t find the time, then the next day it’s the same excuse. I have to jump start myself when I stall out like that.

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