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Friday Flash: The Offering

Found this drabble in my files. I only needed to add a couple of lines. 😉 Enjoy.

The offering’s chassis was cold. Air barely moved inside the flesh and its little lips were blue. He felt a brief spurt of anger toward the parents; how could they do this? Offerings were not meant to be so small.

He cocooned the babe in layers of air and heated it with his own breath. When it opened blue eyes, he carried it into the clouds.

The elders would know what to do, how to care for it.

The elders told him to reject the offering and leave it where he found it.

He decided to disobey and keep it.


25 thoughts on “Friday Flash: The Offering

  1. Oh now you have me wondering why they were sacrificing the baby! This was chilling….I wonder what will happen to the child now? ^_^

  2. What I wonder is how big of an offering did they expect? 5 or 6 yr old instead? Oh what a chilling tale you began here Sonia!

  3. Although at first glance this seems like a cruel chid sacrifice, he did save the child, and did show an interest in its welfare. It did leave me wondering what kind of creature he was, and if indeed he was evil or not. There is plenty of unspoken depth here.

  4. Ohhhh I liked this one – definitely one of your best tales. I like the fact that there’s almost an air of indignation about the act of the parents, and there’s an element of compassion too.

  5. Nice drabble.

    Using “chassis” instead of body threw me a little, especially since all the other references — flesh, blue lips, babe, parents — lead me to believe it is human, or at least biological, not mechanical. Makes me wonder if this is some sort of cyborg?

    1. I wasn’t thinking cyborg, just that chassis was another name for human body. But now that you mention it, maybe he is. Or at least not entirely human.

  6. I’m glad Tim brings up the use of the word “chassis”, as it threw me a little too. My mind immediately drifted to things mechanical in nature.

    Regardless, I enjoyed this drabble!

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