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Book Review: Copper Beach by Jayne Ann Krentz

Amazon’s Book Description: A rare book. An ancient code. An all-new novel from the New York Times-bestselling master of passion and the paranormal.

Within the pages of very rare books some centuries old lie the secrets of the paranormal. Abby Radwell’s unusual psychic talent has made her an expert in such volumes-and sometimes taken her into dangerous territory. After a deadly incident in the private library of an obsessive collector, Abby receives a blackmail threat, and rumors swirl that an old alchemical text known as The Key has reappeared on the black market.

Convinced that she needs an investigator who can also play bodyguard, she hires Sam Coppersmith, a specialist in paranormal crystals and amber-“hot rocks.” Passion flares immediately between them, but neither entirely trusts the other. When it comes to dealing with a killer who has paranormal abilities, and a blackmailer who will stop at nothing to obtain an ancient alchemical code, no one is safe.

Copper Beach is the first in a new series. At least, it’s a series I’ve never heard of before. After reading it, I am pretty sure this precedes the Harmony series by the writer’s alter ego: Jayne Castle. Harmony is a different world, one where people emigrated from Earth via a portal. The portal closed at some point. I expect this series will detail these events. 😉

Maybe it will even answer the question I posed about Harmony’s marriage traditions here.

The book itself – Copper Beach was engrossing, quick read.

In this book, there are no references to a psi society. I found this odd. I mean, I assumed even pre-Harmony, they must be aware of each other and have some form of leadership. But maybe not.

The male lead, Sam, comes from a family with psi talent. His strength and his siblings’ strength was made stronger by the crystals and amber. Maybe right now, everyone’s talent is weak. Except those who were exposed to the crystals and amber!) That’s what I am assuming anyway. Maybe all the strong talents at Harmony come from the people first exposed to the crystal (i. e. Sam’s family and employees).

Crystal exposure doesn’t explain Abby’s power; her mother is long dead and no one else in her family believes in the paranormal. They event sent her to a school for troubled teens when she accidentally set the house on fire. 😉

Abby and Sam are explosive together. They burned up the sheets rather early, I thought, but it made sense in the book so . . . Besides, I enjoyed reading about it. LOL

Sam is an excellent bodyguard; he even has related experience with some agency he refused to name (The Jones from the related Arcane series, maybe?) and he takes good care of her. He foils multiple kidnappers, a burglar and even helps save her stepbrother’s business. (This, despite the evil step-grandmother insisting she get no sure of the family fortune since childhood.)

Favorite scene: The scene where Sam and Abby go to her father’s book-signing and she has to pretend to have the perfect blended family. In truth, she doesn’t care for most of her family and her father and stepmother are heading for a divorce. Apparently the father has a history of marrying useful wives and divorcing them later. Not sure what it says about me, but this scene made me laugh.

The ending was good, too. Not surprising, because you know who the villain is from the first page. Ms. Krentz makes no effort to keep it secret. But it enjoyable all the same. I liked how they got him.

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