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Friday Flash: Moving On

Based on a dream I had this week. 😉

The floor under her trembled with the volume of the music, with the weight of dancing people. Colored lights speckled the air around her, but she stood still.  

How could he? How could he?

His face gleamed with sweat and he smiled. As if he had all the answers.

I’m going to do this.

She slipped a manila envelope out of her purse and handed it to him. The music was too loud to say anything. Not there was anything left to say.

Maybe this will free me. Maybe I will feel like the world is full of possibilities again.

32 thoughts on “Friday Flash: Moving On

  1. Dear Sonia,

    Very nice story. I saw a single key. No note, no papers, nothing but the key in an envelope, as if she no longer wanted to even touch it. Cool.



  2. Can you serve your own divorce papers? I think regardless of what’s in there, it’s her physically getting away from him that will change her life.

  3. I’m guessing divorce papers. “Things are fixin’ to get ugly.”

    But I also saw the hope in this, hope of a better life. I think she’s going to be too busy working on that better life to be vindictive.

    You’re one of the best at putting a whole story into very few words.

  4. I like the way you’ve mixed the emotional tension of the protagonist needing the break with an environment that captures a sense of the hope for future combined with an overtone of the horror of what the relationship has become.

  5. My first thought was a restraining order. So, like Tim, not sure what they says about me! Nice work.

  6. I like how you left the point open to interpretation Sonia – that envelope could contain a number of things. Nice job!

  7. Powerful stuff in just a few sentences – I was going with divorce papers too. Or maybe just an injunction – either way it should be interesting new chapter in their lives

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