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Friday Flash: Entertainment

A bit of fun!!! Another 100 words. I wrote it on my iPod.

Jane crowed and danced in delight. Her phone fit perfectly in her palm and its pink sequin cover sparkled in the TV light.

She pressed a few buttons on its screen; the channel changed and music blared from the brand new speakers.

The singer belted out a song about new love and new beginnings; her hips moved in time with it.

“New new new,” she sang, out of key.

The front door opened and Jane turned to face him.

“Look! Look!” She waved her phone at him and grinned.

“You got it. The whole damn entertainment system.”

“Yes! Bonuses rock!”


32 thoughts on “Friday Flash: Entertainment

      1. I wrote half a novel on my iPod. I’m such a show-off! xD

        Anyhow, I’m not good commenting on stories…

        If I’m reading it right, she bought a phone that came with an entertainment system as the “bonus”? If so, wow…that’s mental.

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