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Friday Flash: Custom Toilet

Going for another dialogue only piece!

“Hey, did you check out Derek’s new bathroom? It’s awesome.”

“Haven’t seen it yet. What did he get?”

“The shower has multiple heads and one hits you from each direction. And the toilet was customized especially for them both. One for him, one for her. They had to measure him for it since he’s so big.”

“I – what? Really? Measure him?”

“Yeah, he’s bigger than average. A normal toilet wouldn’t fit.”

“Oh. Hmm. But how did they measure his dick? You know what? Don’t answer that. I don’t want to know.”

“You – you -? Not that, his height! So it’s comfortable for him to stand and go. How could you think-?”

“Well, you mentioned toilets and measuring! What am I suppose to think?”


34 thoughts on “Friday Flash: Custom Toilet

  1. LOL Sonia, I guess he had a higher toilet built.

    Minor typo I think ” customized especially from them both.” I think you mean for

  2. Sorry, why are you writing about toilets and dick size?! Just dropped in and it feels like I came into the middle of a conversation! LOL

        1. Have to correct, this is likely one of the weirdest conversations I’ve ever had.I have weird conversations about my WIP with my friends all the time; the protagonist becoming an evil overlord, the dog killing and eating everyone, the protagonist becoming an evil god death, shapeshifter changes into a giant duck and steps on the villain. The end, and so on.

          Weird conversations are fun 😛

        2. They are! A lot more fun than normal conversations. And I have to say the idea a shapeshifter changing into a giant duck and squishing the bad guy is funny. LOL

  3. I like how you played with expectations of the two speakers and the misunderstandings. Have you read Connie Willis’ stories? They have a similar beautiful layering of misunderstanding.

  4. Hahahaha, I actually work in a bathroom produce warehouse, and all sorts of images were flitting through my mind by the time I had read half of this. 🙂

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