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Friday Flash: Teeth and String

Inspired by today’s outing! That’s why it’s a bit late and a bit hurried. I almost didn’t do one at all today.


Fire plucked at my face. I clutched the steel bars of the chair.

I saw teeth and string and squeezed my eyes shut. Someone said something, a mumble I couldn’t understand and hands covered my eyes, my nose, my mouth. They pressed hard enough stars danced in front of me.

The fire spread across my face and my skin burned. Tears leaked out my eyes, absorbed by the hands.

Finally the hands left my face and instead spread a cooling gel on my face

I sat up, studied myself. My eyebrows were swollen and pimpled. But the shape was perfect.

39 thoughts on “Friday Flash: Teeth and String

    1. I get them threaded. Which I am told is less painful than waxing, but I am not believing it. And I do of course – I am the customer. Yeah, by tomorrow it will be worth it.

  1. Ouch! Most excellent.

    But I think I’ll join Tony and John in not getting this done!

  2. Intriguing. From the other comments, I gather this is realistic, plus I read it as a magical world and plastic surgery. It still makes me squirm.

  3. Oh I laughed so hard at this! I don’t pluck my brows until absolutely necessary because each tiny hair makes me sneeze when I pull it. Too funny Sonia 😉

  4. I’m fine with running my electric razor over my eyebrows every once in awhile to keep ’em tidy. Pain is too painful for me. Loved how your story brought out the feelings of the procedure. Well done!

  5. Oh lots of visual in this piece of writing and a surprise at the end which made me smile and think of new technology for face lifts ^__^

    Good piece of writing Sonia!

  6. I’m with Eric, a beard trimmer works wonders without the pleasure/pain thing you’ve got going on Sonia! See, who knew a trip to the threaders would inspire a story!

    1. It’s not a bad idea, but I am not sure it would be precise enough. There’s a chance I could trim my whole eyebrow off. Thanks Scribbler!

  7. well, at least the “perfect” shape was achieved, if things had gone horribly wrong you could have finished up with “Surprise eyes”. 🙂

  8. Great descriptive writing.. you really capture the horror of waxing.. I had my arse waxed once for charity (don’t ask) and I am still in PTS therapy..

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