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Friday Flash: The Portrait

Exploring the beginnings of another idea in this drabble. 😉

Her ribs ached. Blood trailed down her back. The claw wounds weren’t deep, but she had no time to attend to them.

She knelt on the chaise, held tight to the painting. The creature glared at her from the canvas, and though she had succeeded in imprisoning it so, still its glare seemed to make her wounds burn hotter.

She fisted the brush in her hand, gathered her magic and slashed at the painting. Crimson drops dotted the painting surface and pooled at the bottom of the canvas. Some seeped into the chaise. The smell of blood filled her nose.

20 thoughts on “Friday Flash: The Portrait

  1. I like the magic of the painter to imprison the deadly creature. And her strength in destroying it by destroying to canvas. Nicely done, Sonia. 🙂

  2. An intriguing mix of demon summoning and artistry. I think there are some good possibilities behind the character in the foreground here.

  3. I liked the idea that she had done battle and entrapped the creature within the painting. I wonder what this creature is and who she is? A nice start that would truly benefit from becoming a flash or a short story.

  4. I really liked the concept of imprisoning the demon in the painting and the fact that she still held power to interact with it. The one-way communication, of course made it even sweeter.

  5. Now that’s how to bind a monster! Sounds like it hurt her, so I don’t blame her for showing it no mercy once she had it caught.

    Great story in 100 words. I too hope something longer will come of this.

  6. Hey.. have you been reading my novel?? Very haunting and disturbingly poetic..This says so much within your word limit.. Go on, write some more.. you know you want to.

  7. I finally got to looking at emails and reading this one, I wish I had gotten to it when you posted it. That was amazing, I love stuff like this, dark, a bit twisted. ^^

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