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Friday Flash: Singing Free

I did another drabble for Friday flash, but not sure it makes any sense.

The fey gates were a glory of marble.

She settled herself and her instrument before it. She would show them. The gates would open.

The bow was heavy in her right hand; she rested her left fingers on the strings. She fixed her eyes on the gate.

Long harsh notes sang out from the violin. Her voice filled the air. She flung music at the gates like sharp blades. Her hands stung, but she dismissed it.

Her voice rose in the final crescendo. A gate broke, showering her with stone pieces. Her blood stained the ground like a broken promise.

37 thoughts on “Friday Flash: Singing Free

  1. That’s very tense Sonia, I could see her there outside the gate playing and singing her heart out.

    I really liked this and felt it was the start to something much bigger – go on write it! ^__^

    The only thing I wasn’t sure of was, fey as in frivolous or supernatural? Not fay fairy?

  2. And I had to read this before going to bed? Yikes, guess I’ll just watch Criminal Minds, that will be tame in comparison. Soooo very dark this Drabble.

  3. It made sense to me. Just not sure whether she lived to walk through the shattered gate.

    This was almost poetic. And like John said, Eat it, fey folk!

  4. I read it as a sort of ‘pride cometh before the fall’ tale; or a vengence of the fey…she forced the gate open, but the cost was more than she expected to pay…

  5. It made all the sense in the world to me, Sonia. I loved it. Sad ending, but it fit the story. The imagery of this one will stick with me a while…

  6. This kind of reminds of that biblical story where the Jews used the horns to take over that one city…interesting concept that I might have to steal…musical siege weapons…

    I really liked this one.

  7. Wow. Some beautiful descriptions here: “flung music at the gates” (love) and “showered her with stone,” conjured great imagery for me.

  8. A rich world you’ve conjured here. The 2nd paragraph provides much of the background that seems to give me the sense of what’s going on here, and the final one with the simile of the broken promise makes me think there’s something more real to that promise and the breaking.

  9. I suppose you have to be careful what you wish for – if you want something hard enough, it just might happen. Which, judging by the fairy tales I’ve read, is exactly what the fey would want us to realise. Neatly captured!

  10. Intense, urgent and taut. You have great skill with words Sonia!

    p.s. My daughter is learning to play the violin, so I can relate to the marble-shattering abilities of the sound!

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