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Friday Flash: Pyrokinesis

Another drabble for Friday flash! Not sure where it came from. I was looking at a picture of a wild-fire when I thought of this.

Fire licked at the floor, like a dog lapping at a bowl of water.

The flames parted for me; I was its master and it could not harm me. The doorknob would be hot for my soon-to-be-deceased wife, but felt cool under my palms.

Warm humid air hit me in the face when I opened the door. I walked down the steps and across the yard. The fire followed at my heels. Such a well-trained pet.

I paused on the sidewalk, held out an arm and said, “Stop.”

The fire touched my palm, but went on to explore the yard.


45 thoughts on “Friday Flash: Pyrokinesis

  1. Oh, cool little story here. It’s great this way – the temptation to expand it would definitely be there for me, but I think it might be best this way – with that little bit of mystery.

  2. I did love your master of the flames, even though he was an evil son of a pyromaniac.
    Good story,
    p.s. Wouldn’t you like to add a segment to The Dream House?

  3. I loved the power and control the mc had…just wished it belonged to the wife instead 😉

  4. I enjoyed the visuals throughout as well as the power play between the fire and its creator. At least the fire’s master had the self-control to force a boundary upon his creation. I feel bad for the wife, though. Nicely done.

    Take care,

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