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Friday Flash: Possessive Monkey

Another drabble for Friday flash! This one is inspired by this picture from wiki commons:

She watched a scaled monkey-like creature snag an orange fruit. Maybe it was safe to eat.

The creature crouched on the tree limb and bit into it. The sweet fruity scent wafted into her nose. Her stomach growled.

What the hell, she thought. The many-limbed tree was easy to climb. It was rough under her palms, rubbing her skin red. The creature watched her progress with beady eyes.

She reached for a fruit and the creature attacked. Claws dug into her arms.

She lost her grip and fell. Pain exploded in her head and she moaned. Stupid possessive scaly monkey.


13 thoughts on “Friday Flash: Possessive Monkey

  1. I like the twisted and short ones. ^^ How’s your word count doing? *encouragement* I got up to about 6000 today so far, but my aim is 12000 because I will have to go away two weeks with no writing which is really scary…

  2. Oh, that is messed up Sonia. About as nasty and gnarly as I’ve seen a drabble or work of comparable length get in some time.

    One typo, I think. First sentence – “creatures”? I think you mean “creature.”

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