Happy Anniversary to me!

Happy Anniversary to me!

I started this blog about a year ago, on October 29 2010. First post was on beginnings, which seems appropriate enough.

The 29th was the day of the first October snow storm in a really long time. Well, driving out in it was one way to celebrate the anniversary, and one that better not happen again next year. If the blog is still around next October.

I am positively amazed I managed a year of a blogging. There was a break months ago (it was a bad time for me) and I thought the blog might die an early death, but that didn’t happen.

And I have gotten into writing flash fiction – sometimes I write flash fiction even when Friday is far far away. Before I started doing Friday flash, flash fiction was very, very difficult for me to do. They are so short and I couldn’t believe you could tell a whole story in less than a 1000 words.

But you can. I can. After a lifetime spent thinking I can’t write flash fiction, I can’t begin to describe how exhilarating that realization is. I think I have managed only 2 or 3 decent Friday flash (even though I do them almost ever week.) But that’s good. Much better than my track record for flash fiction for, well, for years.

And plus, I can also post random thoughts about reading, about writing, about anything at all. It’s pretty good.


21 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary to me!

  1. Congrats making it a year! And I would’ve never guessed cause you’ve got the popularity. xD

    Of course, staying focused on a single topic for the blog certainly helps, yours being about writing where as mine is random crazy stuff. People like to know what they’ll get…right? Something like that…

    Now I’m just rambling, and eating up NaNoWriMo time. Bye and good luck (again? Not sure if I said it yet)!

    1. People say it does! Truthfully, writing (and reading) are the only topics I feel passionate enough to blog about.

      Plus, I also have great friends on twitter – that actually helps a lot.

      You did, but I can use all the good luck I can get.

      1. Than I will say good luck again! (And help, because I got to 1687 and now feel a need to restart. Ahhh! I need luck too. xD)

        I need to stop encouraging random people on Twitter and write…

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