Happy Diwali

Today’s is Diwali. It’s also known as Festival of the Lights, mostly because people string up lights and put candles in every window. Or so I assume. I have never been in India at this time of year, so who knows?

Never seen a Diwali like in the movies, with fireworks and decoration and people dressed up. Not to mention the food. Lots and lots and lots of Indian holiday food. I wish I could be there and see for myself.

But I got Christmas lights in the window, yes. They’ll stay up for a couple of months. People will think we are setting up for Christmas early. Very early, as Halloween isn’t even here yet. 😉 LOL

Anyway, normally, today I would post my Friday flash. But I haven’t even written one yet and I am not likely to have time today. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe. The weekend will be busy, so we’ll see.