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Succinctly Yours: Pumpkin Delight

Succinctly Yours is a weekly meme by grandma. Of this meme she says:

How low can you go?

Use the photo as inspiration for a story of 140 characters OR 140 words. It doesn’t have to be exactly 140, just not more. This one is 139 characters.

He screamed, but only vomit came out. Guts and seeds – the witch said she would plant the seeds in lieu of the kids he refused to give her.


18 thoughts on “Succinctly Yours: Pumpkin Delight

  1. Great µ-story, Sonia! ~~ I love the relationship idea. Too bad it didn’t work for the witch. But then not this story. 😆

  2. Hm. Can’t help but wonder who’s really getting the short end of the stick on this one: a pumpkin reduced to vomitting himself up, or a witch who thinks payback is gathering someone else’s up-chuck just so she can plant it and grow God know what! LOL! Maybe the witchy woman plans on wearing rubber gloves. That would help.

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