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Friday Flash & Second Campaigner Challenge: synchronicity miasma lacuna oscitate imago

I am using the second campaigner challenge for my Friday flash. Please like me, I am number 38 on the list.

The idea is to write something 200 words long; use the word “imago” in the title; use these words in the text: synchronicity, miasma, lacuna and oscitate.

I had to look up some words:

Imago: The fully developed adult stage of an insect; an idealized mental image of someone, esp. a parent, that influences a person’s behavior.

Lacuna: An unfilled space or interval; a gap; a missing portion in a book or manuscript; a cavity or depression, esp. in bone

Oscitate: (Oscitation) A yawn (from the Middle English yanen, an alteration of yonen or yenen, which in turn comes from the Old English geonian ), is a reflex of simultaneous inhalation of air and stretching of the eardrums, followed by exhalation of breath.

Small baskets of eggs sat on the desk in front of him. The test was to hatch an egg and grow it into an insect.

He’d failed last year. This year was no different.

“Begin!” the instructor demanded.

Prace wiped sweaty palms on his uniform pants and said the words. “Imago miasma lacuna oscitate synchronicity.”

A tiny crack appeared in one basket. A small sickly-white larva crawled out.

Behind him, his classmates snickered.

The instructor sighed and pinched the larva off. “Again, Prace.”

Prace knew this wasn’t going to work. But he took a deep breath and centered himself. Magic was a deep pool inside his head or so the instructor said. The right language could release it. Only he never got the language right and he couldn’t leave school until he failed again.

“Synchronicity lacuna miasma oscitate imago.”

Another basket cracked up and a brown-wrapped bundle flopped out.

The instructor deposited it into a bag. “Better. Once more.”

As if all he needed was one more chance. But he said the words again.

“Synchronicity miasma lacuna oscitate imago.”

This time a beautiful black and blue butterfly came out and flew into his palm.

Prace stared in disbelief. “It tickles.”


115 thoughts on “Friday Flash & Second Campaigner Challenge: synchronicity miasma lacuna oscitate imago

  1. Brilliant! And what’s this? A magic school? I thought that was a writing taboo for a while (kidding). That was great! Loved the “it tickles” at the end.

    Great job! 🙂

  2. Very sneaky! I love how you used the words as a spell. I also loved the ending though! “It tickles.” Beautiful!

  3. Very nicely done Sonia! I liked how you used the words and that the boy surprised himself in the end by achieving the spell! Magical! ^__^

  4. Ha! Using the words as a spell…well, I agree with Melodie…why in the heck didn’t I think of that? Definitely added whimsey to your entry. And I like the name Prace, too. I don’t think I’ve ever heard it before. ~ Nadja

  5. Heads up Sonia, the list takes you to a middle-page on Linkytools.

    I’ll be honest, using all the words as one magical phrase feels like cheating on your challenge. But they do make a heck of a magical phrase, one I can buy into. You sort of have to say it out loud; it’s too fun.

    1. Thanks, I fixed it. I hope.

      Honesty is always good, John! Yeah, it is, which is why I wrote this after the other. (I saw how they looked altogether in word.)

  6. I agree too! I like the idea of turning the words into a spell — we weren’t told how we had to use them, after all. And frankly, trying to work those words into narration nowadays is difficult — they stick out and stab the reader in the eye unless, like in this case, they’re woven into a perfect little ball.

    What’s funny, too, is that every one of those words could be used to describe some aspect of the hatching if you think about it! Great job, and a fun little story, Sonia!

  7. That’s cheating! Just kidding, (really)! I loved how you combined the words as a magical phrase! 😀 And my favorite was his victory in the end and the phrase, “It tickles.”

  8. Enjoyed that Sonia and I think a magical phrase is the only way I could have incorporated those words without sounding contrived, lol.

  9. A gently entertaining story Sonia. I googled the ancient bug spell…

    It’s IMAGUS LACUNUS OSCITATUS BUTTUS FLYUS, but it only works if spoken underwater. 🙂 🙂

  10. Great story Sonia — I’m sure he had his own ref. to a magical dictionary before he finally got that spell right. Did enjoy that final, real-seeming: ‘It tickles’. St.

  11. Very clever to go Harry Potter on us. I know someone earlier said she would have liked the words used in their real meaning. However, Rowling mixed real and made up words a lot in the magic spells the characters spoke.

  12. What a clever way of using the words in the challenge without having to come up with a contrived plot. Good job!

  13. This is a very new way of dealing with these words and I enjoyed it. I felt sorry for Prace and glad when he succeeded.


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