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Friday Flash: Toad Prince

Another drabble for Friday Flash! The image is from wiki commons.

Arreal squeezed her right hand under the rock. The princess liked mushrooms. Arreal wanted to surprise her.

She fondled her gold locket with her other hand. The princess was generous and even mushrooms weren’t enough to show her gratitude.

Her fingers closed around something rough and dry. She brought it out and found herself holding a toad.

Its tongue licked her lips. Arreal shrieked; its tongue slipped inside her mouth.

Pain wracked her body.

Fingers pooled diamond jewelry around her. “You kept your word, princess.”

The princess arrived; Arreal tried to kiss her lips.

“I’m not a man. Stupid girl.”


23 thoughts on “Friday Flash: Toad Prince

  1. Nice Drabble, my only criticism is that you use the name Arreal three times in the first four sentences. It makes for jerky reading I think. It might be better to say here ‘Arreal fondled her gold locket with her other hand. ” She fondled her etc…

  2. My mind may be burned out from ten hours of editing today, but I can’t figure out what happens at the end. The third-from-last paragraph is beyond me. What fingers? And they drop off tons of jewelry from nowhere? Is the implication that she turns into a frog and a princess shows up next?

  3. I like the concept as I interpret it, but I’m not sure that I’ve interpreted correctly. I think previous commenters have touched upon parts of the problems. I’m a bit confused about point of view here and who’s who.

    Tossing It Out

  4. Ah, I was confused but I think Anne has it figured out and now it makes sense to me too! It is a different spin on the tale and I like that! Thanks for posting your link and joining the Fictioneers over at my blog today 🙂

  5. Arreal got turned into a toad, OK, so why did she try to kiss the princess? Was she confused or trying to pass it on?

    Drabbles can be hard to write!

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