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Friday Flash: Roofing

Another drabble for Friday Flash! This one is inspired by the truly fabulous panoramic image from wiki commons.

She clambered up to the roof of her house. Ah, pristine snow, green pines and quiet. If only the snow wouldn’t damage her shingles every month.

She was prying damaged shingles off when she heard a loud rumble. She looked up and gaped at her air-car. It bumbled up the mountain, smoke streaming from behind like a great black tail, wobbling like her boy when he had too much to drink.

She stared in disbelief when it crashed into her backyard.

The door flipped open and her son stumbled out, blood running from his nose. “I’m sorry, Ma.”

“You’re grounded!”


34 thoughts on “Friday Flash: Roofing

  1. Love short flash pieces. Makes it easy for us writers with day jobs as there are so many great pieces to read. This made me think of Harry Potter with their car that flew. Like the ending, parent till the end.

  2. I agree with Lara, great story! I love how you threw a bit of scifi and surprise in there. Fantastic job of packing a lot of detail and story into a few words! 🙂

  3. Even in the scifi, flying car future, kids still get grounded! Good chuckle to kick off the #FridayFlash festivities…

  4. I like how much you’ve squeezed in here (a sci-fi setting, her characterization feels rounded by the shingles, her son). The car bumbling like her son and then having her son in it. This reminds me of a story of a seven-year-old stealing his step-father’s car and driving 20 miles.

    1. Thanks! Inserting SF elements into a short is always challenging, because of the verbiage world-building takes. I remember that story! I thought it was amazing a seven year old did that

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