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Friday Flash: Escape

Another drabble for Friday Flash! The photo is from wiki commons.

She gasped, running, fist wrapped around a hair-thin, ebony-bladed knife. She wasn’t going to let the damned count take her masterwork.

The thief-takers’ lamps bobbed behind her. They went slowly because the tunnel scared them.

Her boots splashed in water. The sound drew their attention and the lamps bobbed faster. Knee-deep now, she climbed over a hump of rock and jumped into waist-deep water.

The knife sliced the rope easily and she pushed the boat into the deep water. Clambering on, she slipped the knife into her waist-pouch and rowed fast.

Once she reached the ocean, she was free. Free!


38 thoughts on “Friday Flash: Escape

  1. Ooh, perhaps the best FlashFriday yet!!! I wanna read that one!!!!
    (btw, what’s a thief-taker?)

  2. I loved the sound of glee in her last words 🙂 Intense! Thanks for leaving your link 🙂

  3. I read this to the end and went looking for a “read more” link! I really like this & would so read a full story too!

  4. More please =)
    You’ve managed to tell a whole story with few words, yet I want to see more of the world and the characters. Or I can just imagine 😛

  5. Intense! and it paid off! But I’d like to know more. What did she take, and how did she do it? You could spin this into a whole novel if you were inclined.

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