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Friday Flash: How To Become A Warrior

Another drabble for Friday Flash!

To become a warrior you must do five things.

First: master the whip and the knife.

Second: Acquire a noble steed. Mind, acquire it yourself. No fit warrior buys his sandworm. You must trek into the desert and find a sandworm nest. Be easy. Almost no one loses a limb or an eye acquiring a sandworm babe.

Three: Train your young steed. Take no heed of the legends; sandworms are docile, loving creatures. They merely require a firm whip.

Four: Learn a riding bow from your sandworm’s back. Be diligent; this might be your most important weapon.

Five: Find a worthy cause to serve. Only brigands serve their own ambitions.

35 thoughts on “Friday Flash: How To Become A Warrior

  1. All you need is insane skill and to be tougher than nails. Or a fast internet connection and somebody already in a guild!

    Minor editing note: ‘master’ in the second paragraph isn’t capitalized, but you do capitalize the other words post-colon in the other paragraphs.

  2. As I was reading this, I thought, “Whoever wrote these instructions is hoping to weed out the ones stupid enough to go get a juvenile sandworm.” You had me.

  3. This was so much fun, I loved it! LOL, like so many other of your commenters, I liked the part about hardly anyone losing eyes and limbs acquiring the sandworm babe. And yeah, that sounds slightly suspicious to me, too!

  4. “First: master the whip and the knife.”
    “They merely require a firm whip.”

    Well I was wondering what the whip was for. I’d probably join the band of brigands that seems to be forming here.

  5. I can handle a knife (at least as far as chopping vegetables go), but the whip may require some practice. At least I now know where I am in the progression. 🙂

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