Computer shook, computer desk shook, the floor shook and I think I saw the buildings across the street swaying, too. Or maybe I was the one who was swaying!

This was my first quake ever and I am glad it was small. Small, because I am pretty far away from the 5.9 epicenter in Virgina. But, really, I would have been perfectly happy without the experience.

It was scary – I mean, the floor shook! It took a moment to realize what was going on. I mean, NYC doesn’t get earthquakes. This isn’t California where people expect to get earthquakes. So it took a moment to sink in and then I thought: Wow, I lived through an earthquake. I lived through an earthquake.Than, with relief: Glad it was a weak earthquake.

But I am fine. My building is fine (hopefully. Only inspections will tell.) My tomato plant survived it. Everyone is fine!

Virgina and the surrounding area probably isn’t fine though. I can’t imagine how much was destroyed and hopefully no one was badly hurt. Hope everyone is safe!