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Friday Flash: Buying Supplies

Another drabble for Friday Flash!

Horses. She hated horses. Weak, flighty creatures. It wouldn’t last a week in her mountains.

She rubbed the horse’s leg regretfully. Horses were mighty tasty. Jamming her foot in the stirrup, she clambered on. That was another thing! It was so big she couldn’t vault into the saddle.

She gripped the reins and whistled. Her cat strolled up.

The horse tensed, legs quivering, but held still. It was well-trained.

“The produce wagon’s in the next town.” It was why she needed the horse. The cat was too proud to pull.

Home after? the cat asked.

“Yes.” They both missed home.


31 thoughts on “Friday Flash: Buying Supplies

  1. Well cats have always been such regal creatures! Pulling carts is just not in their vocabulary! 🙂 I wonder where home is. This could be the start of a much bigger piece.

  2. Cats are a bit snooty in my opinion. Pulling a wagon? I can barely get ours to move unless it so chooses. 🙂 I loved the quick reveal about the characters at the end. And like Helen, I’d love to hear more.

  3. Interesting world you’ve created there, but I sort of hope that well-trained horse kicks that too-proud cat. Accidentally, of course.

  4. Haha, I loved this – it made me wonder what manner of creature the mc is. I love horses, so I hope she’s not going to want to eat him when she’s done pulling the wagon.

  5. Not at all surprised at a cat being too proud to pull. I get the feeling this is a rather large cat. I like the ending with they both missed home.

  6. I love horses, but I love cats….and I can’t help wondering what’ll happen if they discover the horse is meant for racing, and not hauling!

  7. Yes, I enjoyed that. I do love cats and have several. They’d never get anything pulled anywhere for taking so many naps. I’m amazed they can drag themselves to the food bowl and that I don’t have to move it closer to them so they won’t starve!

  8. Mmmmmm, Horse. Tasy, tasty horse! I love how quickly that set the tone for the rest of the story. I really, really want to know more about the Traveler and her cat.

    Well done!


  9. “The cat was too proud to pull”

    I love writing with cats because their pride and arrogance can be fuel for humorous scenes.
    I think I like the horse better than her, but with time I’d grown to like her. If she stops thinking about eating beautiful, graceful animals.

  10. Hi there Sonia — this is good because of all the things you *don’t* explain.

    And I did really like your cat:’The cat was too proud to pull’. and ‘Home after? the cat asked’.

    Sounds about right. I *knew* da little fish filcher could talk. 🙂


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