Out-of-Control Stories

I was not in control of my stories this past week. I mean, if the characters are good, they lead the way, but I still manage to keep some small bit of control.

I started the friday flash – a piece involving a dragon and a village – and I thought it was going to be fantasy, a fairly traditional sword and sorcery stuff.

It turned out be erotica. Kinky erotica at that! It took me only about 200 words to realize where it was going.

I knew I couldn’t post it here. This blog is entirely too public a place for anything so explicit. Especially since I don’t provide one of those warnings: go forward only if you are over 18. Anyway, I think something as explicit as that story was going to get, it might be against WordPress’ terms of use. Not sure though.

Anyway, it would be useless for Friday flash. So I stopped work on it.

Think I will probably finish it (because I love love dragons!) But no ideas on what I will actually do with it. It might languish in my files. Not going to finish it, black out 3/4 of it and post that, even though that would be pretty funny. (Sorry, John.)

On the weekend, I started another short story. Using pen and paper, mind, because the computer was in pieces (literally, in pieces, the monitor here, keyboard over there, actual computer elsewhere).

4 pages in, I realized it was an outline for a novel, not a short story. How did I know? Well, the sheer amount of scenes I would need to explain everything was a clue. There were a couple of lines that would likely need a hundred pages to fully explain. Instead of 4 pages, I would end up with 400 pages.

I really, really do not need ideas for another novel. I got enough on my plate. There is the urban fantasy novel in progress, and bits of planning for a second, more traditional fantasy one. A third one would kill me.

I didn’t throw away the pages, but I am wondering if that happens to other people. Do you get jumped by stories you really don’t have time to write?