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Friday Flash: Annoying Ex

This is my very first dialogue only piece! Have at it, people!

“Darling -”

“Don’t darling me! I am nothing to you.”

“You are everything to me!”

“Really? That’s why you decided to make out with another guy right in front of my door? Because I am your everything?”

“He’s my cousin! That’s how he says hello. Really, darling, you’re taking this too seriously.”

“A cousin. Uh-huh. When both your parents were only children?”

“He’s my neighbor; we grew up together. He’s as good as a cousin. Darling, why don’t you understand? I -”

“Out! And if you say darling one more time, I am going to break your lying throat.”



31 thoughts on “Friday Flash: Annoying Ex

  1. *Ouch! Great sWordfight! 😉 *
    “You know, you’ll never find another man like me.”
    “Ha! And I hope I never do!”

  2. Oh he made himself clear, who was she trying to fool anyway! Nice piece of dialogue.

    I spotted a typo though “And if you saying darling one more time,” saying maybe should be say?

  3. Some liars aren’t even good at lying, but that’s who they are; their character is so flawed the truth is like a foreign language. Thanks for sharing

  4. Great snippet of an arguing couple. I tried an all dialogue piece a few weeks back. It’s an interesting concept to do. Well done.
    Adam B @revhappiness

  5. “Arrrr” makes me think the speaker is getting choked, which might complicate the make them jealous ploy. I liked the clever riposte especially the you are my everything, the responses shows the one being cheated on has the upper hand 😉

  6. Well done. I hope you gained a lot from the all dialogue work. It’s pretty interesting to do and also hard to pull off. You choose a good situation and gave the characters good, unique voices to make it really work.

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