Netflix and Drop Dead Diva

Image by Cristal Filgueiras Bittencourt via Flickr

A couple months back, I discovered Drop Dead Diva. I was browsing shows similar to Dead Like Me (a really, really good show whose life was cut tragically short) and Netflix recommended Drop Dead Diva.

It’s really good! It’s about a model who was killed when she was in a car accident while talking and driving. Instead of going streight to heaven, she ends up in an office where someone evaluates her life. She presses a button and gets sent back to earth. That would be good, except she ends up in the body of a plus-size lawyer. The plus-size lawyer is everything she isn’t.

At first, I was skeptical, but it’s a lot better than it sounds. Also, except for Glee, I didn’t know there were any musical type TV shows.

Netflix has only the first season for streaming. The last episode ended with her finding out that her host body has a husband.

I really want to watch the second season, but Netflix doesn’t have the second season for streaming.

The show is currently in its third season and I am not sure I want to watch it because I haven’t seen the second season. According to the ads, in the third season the model’s ex (who is a junior associate with the host body’s law firm) is getting married and she, the model, is his best man. Yeah, I really want to know what happens there.

But Netflix does not stream the second season of Drop Dead Diva. I think this is the show’s way of giving away a sample to suck you in. Well, it’s working.

I think a lot of shows are doing this. Letting Netflix stream their stuff in a limited way to get viewers.