Borders is Dying

Borders is going out of business and as a reader/writer, I feel like I should do a post lamenting its death.

But I’ve never actually shopped at Borders. I ever go into an actual bookstore (as opposed to Amazon or the library), I go to Barns and Nobel. There are lots of Barns and Nobel bookstores in the city and most of them are pretty easy to get to. I’ve even bought books from B&N online store (usually easier anyway!).

By contrast, I wasn’t even sure where the nearest Borders is. I had to look it up and there are two in the city, two in the airports. I suppose I must have seen one in passing, but I really don’t remember. Not that I am likely to go there just go to Borders, even for the going-out-of-business sale. All of them are about an hour away and there are other bookstores much closer.

As a reader, the closing of Borders just doesn’t effect me. A sad state of affairs.


4 thoughts on “Borders is Dying

  1. I think you’ve nailed the reason they’re closing right there: it doesn’t affect you as a reader. It doesn’t affect anyone, apparently, except to know when the sales are on. And so it goes.

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