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Friday Flash: Punishment for Adultery

Don’t ask me where this week’s Friday flash (or Friday drabble, as it were) come from. I don’t know.

The adulterer’s brother gripped the axe tightly and chopped off his head. Blood sprayed and dripped down the sides of the polished tin tub they stood in.

The adulterer’s sisters took the body and cut off the proper parts to give the headsman: the feet, the ears and the throat.

The adulterer was cooked, most deliciously, in oil. Except for the bits that allowed him to commit his crime; those were flavored with mint and baked.

The village enjoyed the feast. Such well-salted meaty goodness did not come by every day.

The spirit watched and wished he had been discreet.


31 thoughts on “Friday Flash: Punishment for Adultery

  1. I bet he did wish he’d been discrete. How deliciously gruesome this Drabble is. So who got the mint flavoured hot dog with falafels on the side? ^__^

    1. I thought about that and decided since she was single, she wasn’t betraying anyone and the villagers wouldn’t punish her in quite the same way.

  2. What a blood bath ;).

    It sounds like one of the villages holiday makers in horror movies are always finding themselves stuck in…

    Twisted, but I liked it.

  3. Concise and twisted. Where did it come from? I bet the same place all the gritty little tales that tickle our fancy. I’m glad the village enjoyed a good meal.

  4. [via Shakespeare] discretion is the better part of valor…..


    and don’t worry about the dark popping out from time to time….better to let it flow out as fiction than to act it out…. hee…

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