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Friday Flash: Survival

This week’s Friday flash (or Friday drabble, as it were) came out of an odd dream.

I woke in silver chains.  They burned, but I gripped the connecting chain between my feet.

He leaned over me. Aquamarine eyes, exactly like my own, gleamed. We were twins; he hated my choices.

“Abomination. Going to die.”

He wanted me to know who killed me.

But I was going to live. Even if I killed him.

Gloved fingers loosened the thick silver collar, the easier to slice my throat.

I bit his hand, wrapped the chain around his feet and came up on top.

I banged his head against the ground; he wrapped his other hand around my throat.


37 thoughts on “Friday Flash: Survival

  1. Oh sounds like the duality that exists within, those opposing forces that need to be reconciled…. dream on so we know what happens.

  2. Wow, what a dream! The MC won, even if he (she?) doesn’t survive the fight, because the brother got bit…

  3. I agree with John, I think they are both going down. I like the back-and-forth-ness to the action that you managed to achieve in the final three lines.

  4. Interesting story Sonia – almost as if the second character, following the head bashing, will wake up in the chains, and the exact same story will happen all over again (they are, after all, twins). I like it. St.

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