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Friday Flash: A Test

This week’s Friday Flash involves dolphins and elementals. It’s actually an idea I’ve been playing with and wanted to see how it works out in shorter fiction. It’s 312 words.

Vari dove into the water. His undine swam beside him, blue hair streaming, like a beauty out of legend.

This was a test, he knew. She sped ahead of him. He strained and couldn’t catch up, but didn’t fall behind either.

A forest of giant kelp appeared before him, waving gently in the water. She looked at him over her shoulder, winked and disappeared inside.

Oh, no. Instead of following, he kicked to the surface and gasped in air. His boat was a small brown speck, bobbing in the water.  The sun felt good on his wet, bare shoulders.

Following the undine into the kelp forest would be the height of stupidity. Who knew what in there? Even with his magic, he couldn’t prepare for threats he knew nothing about.

A sleek gray bowfish breached the water nearby, water blowing from its spout. Maybe the same one who was riding the bow of his ship yesterday. Watching it, Vari got an idea.

Ducking his head under the water, he studied the bowfish. Maybe twenty, a small family, all bunched together. The larger pod had to be around here somewhere. Not that it mattered so much.

Quickly, quietly, he spelled a shield over himself. Here, with the energy of the whole ocean to draw on, it was easy.

Carefully, quietly, he sent thick threads of magic in a half-circle around the bowfish, open only towards the kelp forest. The first wave of sound startled them. He could see it in their quick, darting movements. The second wave of sound moved them a few body-lengths. He snapped magic a third time, louder, and the bowfish panicked.

They swept through the forest like hurricane through wood, sweeping debris before them, sending lesser creatures scurrying for safety.

His undine whipped clear of the kelp forest, eyes furious, voice high with rage.  “That’s not fair!”

Vari grinned at her.