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Ender’s Game and Blogging

I was thinking of online newspapers and blogging and social networks and how they rarely appear in old science fiction. And than I realized: Ender’s Game has all that.

Oh, I am not sure it has social networking (i.e. facebook, twitter) but I am pretty sure it has blogging, online newspapers and online forums. Come to think of it, forums  and chat rooms are a form of social networks, aren’t they? So maybe it does have social networks.

Remember, when Ender’s sister and brother (the ones who were passed over for special schooling!) they wrote posts and articles to incite the public. Opposing posts, so that when one gave in, the other would look so much more reasonable.  For free at first (I think on their very own blog) but later for money.

Someone conceived of blogs whenever Ender’s Game was first published. I was postively stunned!

Now I have to find another copy of it to reread and see if I am right.