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Friday Flash: Welcome Storm

This week’s Friday flash (or Friday drabble, as it were) is based on this photo. Truthfully, I am not sure if the image or the idea came first. I wanted to write a desert scene and went looking for desert photos.

He huddled on the sand. His tattered clothes provided little protection. The hot desert sun beat down on his back. It burned, but he welcomed the pain. Windblown sand drove into his skin like tiny, splinter-sized knives. Eyes shielded by his fingers, he saw a sandstorm in the distance like the promise of freedom. A thick smudge on the horizon, fleeting, leaving behind a wreckage of hearts. A fist of sand slammed into him. It set his ears to ringing, but he sat up and ripped off his clothes. He welcomed the sandstorm with open arms and a joyful heart.