I am a Versatile Blogger

I am a Versatile Blogger.

A few days ago, Helen, nominated me for the versatile blogger award. In order to get this award I must (1) admit seven random things about myself and (2) pick five other people to give this award to.

Seven Random Things About Myself: This is hard, because I don’t think there are seven random, interesting things about me. But here we go.

  1. My nails are long and real.
  2. I have not watched any of this seasons’ Idol.
  3. Contrary to everything I thought I knew about my reading likes, I loved The Lover by Marguerite Duras.
  4. I hate putting on contact lenses. (Taking them off is also a pain)
  5. I love soft, silky fabrics.
  6. I detest cars. They make me sick. 😦 If I am lucky, I manage an hour before I upchuck. Before anyone mentions them, anti-nausea pills take an hour to work and I don’t always have an hour.
  7.  I love I Love Lucy. Really old, but really, really funny. Got almost every episode on DVD.

Nominate Five Bloggers for Versatile Blogger: This is hard, because how do you choose?

  1. Grandma 
  2. Sandy
  3. Monica “Choppy” Nguyen
  4. Manda 
  5. Brenda Bryant

Looking forward to your posts people!

8 thoughts on “I am a Versatile Blogger

  1. That is awesome! Awesome that you were nominated, but also awesome that you chose to nominate me. 😀 Thanks!

  2. Thanks for the award, Sonia. Sorry it’s taken me so long to accept, but I’ve been playing catchup since last week’s company left. Thanks for thinking of me.

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