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Friday Flash: Beauty Suspect

This week’s Friday flash (or Friday drabble, as it were) is based on this photo from wiki commons. It’s supposed to be some type of chemical element, but to me, it looks like a good magical item.

The ship’s gardens were amazingly lifelike. I crouched at the edge of the pool, studying the dragonfly.

I remembered Father’s warnings about flying spy devices. The insect robots were to cross-pollinate and provide beauty, too, without the unsanitary attributes of real insects. They couldn’t carry a camera, too, could they?

The gardens were supposed to provide fresh food and a calming place to walk. Thinking about all that Father had said, I couldn’t be calm. I had to always be on guard, wary and suspicious. Always!

I wanted home.  At least home was safe.

“Lieutenant? Staff meeting,” the sergeant called.


I am a Versatile Blogger

I am a Versatile Blogger.

A few days ago, Helen, nominated me for the versatile blogger award. In order to get this award I must (1) admit seven random things about myself and (2) pick five other people to give this award to.

Seven Random Things About Myself: This is hard, because I don’t think there are seven random, interesting things about me. But here we go.

  1. My nails are long and real.
  2. I have not watched any of this seasons’ Idol.
  3. Contrary to everything I thought I knew about my reading likes, I loved The Lover by Marguerite Duras.
  4. I hate putting on contact lenses. (Taking them off is also a pain)
  5. I love soft, silky fabrics.
  6. I detest cars. They make me sick. 😦 If I am lucky, I manage an hour before I upchuck. Before anyone mentions them, anti-nausea pills take an hour to work and I don’t always have an hour.
  7.  I love I Love Lucy. Really old, but really, really funny. Got almost every episode on DVD.

Nominate Five Bloggers for Versatile Blogger: This is hard, because how do you choose?

  1. Grandma 
  2. Sandy
  3. Monica “Choppy” Nguyen
  4. Manda 
  5. Brenda Bryant

Looking forward to your posts people!