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Friday Flash: Contemplating A Painting

This week’s Friday flash (or Friday drabble, as it were) is based on this photo from wiki commons.

The bay was in fine form tonight. I glanced outside, then studied my painting. It looked good. Not exactly the same, but the colors were brilliant. The perfect background for the angel I intended to add tomorrow. An angel lounging by the fence, with wings the color of ivory, and a body any man would be glad to have. Eyes like –

“Love, where are my pajamas?”

I turned, smiled. His exhaustion showed in the dragging wings and shadowed eyes. “In the dryer, dear.”

Tomorrow, I would make his eyes gleam like the moon and paint him in all his glory.


34 thoughts on “Friday Flash: Contemplating A Painting

  1. Sorry wrong website attached to the other comment – just deleted it :O)

    Oh I loved the ending of this – now was he a real angel or just one in her eyes? – that’s the question in my mind. That is a beautiful picture, an artists dream to paint – now where are my watercolours!

  2. The dark streak in #fridayflash made me suspect she was going to kill someone, and then certainly him. But making the moon shine in his eyes is not necessarily a precursor to murder. I’m inclined to believe something more romantic than tossing him out the window.

    And it is a gorgeous picture.

  3. So either its a comparison for how wonderful he is, or he is really an angel. Either way it works well, very touching.

  4. That’s a beautiful photo! This encapsulates so much in so few words, but there’s something inherently sad about it. Still, at least she still sees him in all his glory.

  5. I found this to be kinda bittersweet. Here was this angel all worn out, but yet she was going to return him to glory the only way she knew how or could. It was lovely.

  6. Wonderful story. Quite liked the twisty at the end, how we’re not quite sure whether the angel really IS an angel or just a term of endearment. And yes, wonderful prompt pic. Peace…

  7. Nice twist! Like the others I didn’t see that coming. Taking us from the angel soon to appear in the painting to her angel and back again so quickly was a great transition. Well done!

  8. Awesome pic.

    The pyjamas bit really made me smile, I had this image of a hunk in stripeys with his wings sticking out of the back. I’m not sure exactly how she will put the gleam back into his eyes, but I hope it’s a romantic way. 🙂

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