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Friday Flash: As a Cloud

This week’s Friday flash (or Friday drabble, as it were) is based on this photo from wiki commons. It’s clouds and I started to think, what sort of

creatures live up there?

The wizard smirked. I wanted to hurt him. Wanted it so badly, I could almost feel his bones breaking under my hands.

Instead, I stood still. The cell’s magical barrier was strong, but I would free myself.

Wizards couldn’t understand a dijnn’s magic. We were as clouds. If they understood, this cell would be underground.

The wizard left and night fell. Starlight seeped into my skin and I shimmered with its power. I studied my hands. When they glowed sliver, I punched the magic barrier above me. Once, twice.

The hole’s edges were jagged. Like a cloud, I floated free.


29 thoughts on “Friday Flash: As a Cloud

    1. Yeah a longer flash piece or a short story, maybe 10 or 15 pages long. Maybe even a novel, if I can come up with something. I really really like the idea.

  1. Haha, I agree, I want to know what happens next! You should develop it a little more, it looks like it would be fun. 🙂
    Very creative, though. Great idea.

  2. I like the idea of expanding it to … why did the wizard put her there in the first place? And now will she exact revenge upon him? Nicely done.

  3. I agree this piece could be expanded. I too like the idea of creatures living in the clouds. The qualities they posses, as you’ve written, make for a good story and conflict.

  4. I love the sketch. The image of her breaking out of the cloud was great. I agree you could make this as long as you want. There is a lot to be discovered here. Great job!

  5. Wow! This Djinn has plenty of violence in him just waiting to be used, yes I think you could definitely go further with this character.

    The cloud reference made me think of the vapour cloud coming from Aladdin’s lamp as it turned into a genie.

    Very imaginative short this, nice work. 🙂

    1. Thanks Steve! Wasn’t thinking of Aladdin when I wrote this, but thanks! Maybe Aladdin’s genie was somehow imprisoned in the lamp and he really belongs in the clouds.

  6. Your drabbles are becoming very skilled. You’ve got a great beginning, middle, and end to this piece. I enjoyed the premise of the djinn and wizards. It’s easy to imagine enemies not truly understanding each other.

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