Friday Flash: Trains

Best wishes for Prince William and Kate Middleton on their wedding day!!! She looked gorgeous and so did her maid of honor (the maid of honor wore white!!! :o).

As an image prompt, I was tempted to choose Westminster Abbey or maybe Buckingham Palace in honor of the wedding and pretending like I was there. But I saw this wonderful, daydream-inducing image on wiki commons and went with that instead.

Thick black smoke poured from the train’s smokestacks. I shivered in my skirts and watched the rotary snowplow race away. Its red body was bright against the clean white snow.

My sister would be glad to be here, I imagined. Glad to be away from the dirty streets of the city. That filth was no place for a child, especially her illness prone boy. The clean, bracing air would be good for him. I prayed this delay wasn’t too hard on him.

An hour later, the tracks were clear. My sister’s train roared in. Joyfully, I went to meet her.

19 thoughts on “Friday Flash: Trains

  1. Neat little flash with a good ending.

    I did find my eyes wandering back to the black smoke coming out of the train though as you’re talking about the clean air and what not 🙂 Was that intentional or just a strange coincidence with the photo?

  2. A nice piece of flash that complimented the image. The sense created in your words of moving away to something far better and the anticipation of the sister who waits their arrival.

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