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Stupid POV Mistakes

So, yesterday I was reviewing what I had so far for the Write 1, Sub 1 challenge. The first paragraph started out in the third person and the by the fourth paragraph, I had somehow migrated to the first person.

I have no idea how it happened! My mind must have been wondering. What a stupid POV mistake!

Somehow in the middle of writing, I switched from “she” to “I”. My only excuse is that all of my recent stories have in the first person POV. Somehow, by habit, I switched here without realizing what I was doing.

Than, when I was rewriting, I realized some of what I wrote just would work in the third person. I know the third person limited POV is very similar to the first person POV, but they are not exactly the same and so I had to rewrite all of the second half.

Has anyone ever done that before? Changed from third person to first person POV by accident? I am still stunned I managed it.

10 thoughts on “Stupid POV Mistakes

  1. Hey Sonia
    Never fear! You are not the only one… I’ve done it two ways. One was deliberate as I experimented with First and Third Person POV, then decided on First Person but clearly I hadn’t made all the requried changes. My lovely CP’s picked them up for me- thanks you guys!
    Second way – my current WIP is in Third Person, so it took some getting used to as my brain was still travelling along the First Person highway as per my completed MS
    So yup- been there, done that – and I did write A book too 🙂
    Ciao -Tee

  2. I’ve done that before. I’ve also found myself switching the POV character in the same scene, leading to a lot of confusion. Thankfully, it’s quite easy to spot such shifts during the revision stage, but you still find yourself in disbelief for making the mistake.

  3. It can happen. It very rarely happens to me because I get so deep within the required point of view. I also predominantly write third person fiction, so accidentally falling into first is more difficult instinctively – if you’re more versatile, it may be easier.

    1. yeah, particularly when it is a short story and getting that deep into a story takes more time than most short stories need. at least for me.

  4. Oh yeah. been there done that. I’ve mixed First and Third throughout a story, and also had stories that slowly migrated from one to the other. Sometimes it is just how the Story needs to be told. I’ll find that I think it should be told as a Third person, but as I write I realize it should from the First Person. Actually this weeks #FridayFlash was like that for me. It wasn’t working as a Third Person, but once I shifted it to First Person it wrote quickly and easily.

    1. Oh, wow, really? Your story is really good. Yeah sometimes I’ve found stories work better in a different POV too

  5. I haven’t done it yet, but I am still new to writing. Give me time, I will do it I am sure.

    What strikes me is that it sounds like you must have really been enjoying writing this if you didn’t catch yourself switching. I bet it is a great story.

    1. I was! LOL I only noticed after the fact. To me, I am still astonished that I managed to do it at all. I am usually a lot better.

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