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Flash Friday: Quiet Contemplation

This is the first time I am doing Friday flash. Flash fiction is defined as 1000 words or less, but I am doing a 100 words only. I figure it will be easier.

As always, I found a picture to inspire me. Today’s photo prompt comes from wiki commons.

I contemplated the sight. Birdsong rang in my ears and the scent of green growing things filled my nose. I loved our new home.
So different from the war zone. I could relax without wondering if I would be alive or whole tomorrow.

I walked down to the water’s edge. My husband looked up from the rowboat and smiled. His smile sank into my soul, filled up the holes left by gunfire and blood.

“We got an hour left,” he said.

I climbed in.

He pushed off. The rocking and splash of the oars was soothing.

This was everything I needed.


20 thoughts on “Flash Friday: Quiet Contemplation

  1. I wondered if “birdsong” was a shoutout to one of the #ff anthology’s editors, Rachel Blackbirdsong. I might be looking for conspiracies where there are just people, though.

    Lovely little work in one hundred words. No need for eight hundred words of drama. The hundred of setting up relief work quite nicely, especially at the end of the work week.

    1. LOL No, it’s not. I didn’t even know one of the editors is called Blackbirdsong before you mentioned it.


  2. Liked this, but the word ‘sight’ jarred a little. Wonder if you could say “I contemplated the vista”?

    Great job in so few words.

    Marc Nash

  3. Love the picture. Is that Alaska? The meaning was conveyed and left me wanting to know more about this war.

    1. Thanks! No, it is of someplace called Herjangsfjord. It is a fjord (long narrow inlet of the sea between steep cliffs) in Norway. I guess I was thinking of one of the recent wars. There are plenty of them – Africa, Iraq, Afghanistan.

  4. Very good use of vocabulary to tell so much in so few words. In reference to an earlier comment, I think “view” works better than “vista”.

  5. This drabble captures a sense of tranquility and peacefulness that does a great job echoing the picture. I find writing drabbles harder than flash because of the effort necessary to get a full story into 100 words. Well done.

    1. Thanks Aidan! I just try to really, really focus on a single image or a single emotion. It’s not a whole story so much as it is a snapshot of someone’s life.

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