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Microfiction Mondays: First Flight

Susan over at Stony River usually does this, but she is MIA. Her last blog post, a month back, said something about an ice storm. Hope she’s okay.

Anyway, Grandma is doing this now (along with a few other people!). The rules are the same, she picks a photo and everyone writes 140 character story from it. This is the image:

This is my microfiction: Flight 23 is boarding. Nerves roiled in my belly. I wished for something to calm my stomach. Was anyone else nervous for their first flight?

26 thoughts on “Microfiction Mondays: First Flight

  1. I’ve flown many times in my life and don’t ever remember being nervous but my Grandmother flew for the first time in her 80’s and was plenty nervous before her first flight.

    1. I don’t remember my first flight, I think I was more excited than nervous. But I was nervous for every flight afterward.

  2. I hate flying, but never minded the actual flight. Its all the other things: finding parking at a reasonable rate, long waits, luggage hassles, and cancelled flights are what I mind. Not to mention being told that my rental car has been “upgraded” from a mid-sized sedan to a van.

    My Succinct: Tough Economy

  3. My first flight was as a new new recruit traveling from Michigan to Alabama for basic training in the military. I was so nervous, but it was about so much more than an airplane ride. 🙂 Had it not been for all the other factors, I probably would have been in fear of the flight. lol

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